Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A call saved me money.

Darryl and I started last week a Crown Financial class at our church.
For Sunday School they were offering 3 classes this one sounded the most interesting and since I do the finances in our home I thought I might some pointers.
For this class you have to set up a budget and then write down all things that you purchase.
I have been doing this for months to track and see where are money is going and why at the end of the month we have $0 or are in the negative.
One way I thought to save money was to get rid of our landline and just use our cell phones. But our Internet service is through our phone company so I needed to check with them and see if you have to have phone or can you just have Internet with no landline.
I call Iowa Telecom and tell them that I'm looking at getting rid of our landline and can I get just Internet and if I can how much a month.
The nice guy on the end said at this time Iowa Telecom doesn't offer Internet without a basic phone service. Then he pulls up our account and sees that we are at a slower Internet speed then what their standard package is so he bumps us up to almost double the Internet speed for the same price as the lower. Then he tells me they are having a promotion on the package we have and says he can discount our phone from $27.87 a month to $19.99 a month for two years. And then after two years it will go back up to the $27 price. There is no contract so I say sure because although it's not a lot it is an extra 7.87 a month.
So I guess we will stay with Iowa Telecom and keep our cell phones as is at least for a while or until Lisbon gets more then one company for phone service. I was just amazed at how one phone call got me fast Internet for free and $8 taken off my phone bill and it only took about 15 min. to save.
If you all have other money saving tips please let me know or post them on Facebook for all to read. I'm going to watch Oprah (I usually don't) because I saw a preview that she was going to have a lady tell about lots of different ways to save $$$$. So tune in today at 4:00pm if you need some tips as well.

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