Monday, February 9, 2009

6 month check-up

Today was Trevor and Alivia's six month dental check up and cleaning.
Trevor went back and after about 30min. came out with a clean bill of dental teeth. No cavities!!!!!

Alivia went back at the same time so when her appt. took about 10 min. longer I thought maybe we were in for some bad news. And I was correct. She has a cavity on her back baby tooth that will get fixed on Thursday and then she has the beginning of one on the other side of her mouth on a back adult tooth.

After getting her teeth pulled last summer and fainting after they did it she is not a big fan of the dentist because she is scared. Now I told her this is just a cleaning and if she had cavities they would fix them at a different date. So pray for her and her trip in on Thursday. I will probably go back with her so she is more relaxed.

We talked about how she has to slow down and brush better so that way she only has to go to the dentist twice a year. Because she dislikes going I hope that, that is motivation for her to brush better.

Hopefully all will go well on Thursday, if not I'll let you know :)

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