Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hotel for Dog

Today I took the kids to Mt.Vernon to see Hotel for Dogs. To tell you the truth I wasn't excited about going. The last movie I saw with the kids was at Christmas and I was so so bored. So I asked Trevor earlier if he would like me to stay or could I just drop him and Alivia off and come back for them. Unfortunately he wanted me to stay so I went.
I somewhat new what the movie was about from previews but not to the extent that it went. It was a really good story line about a sister and brother who are in foster care with a couple who really don't like them and are just doing it for the money. The foster care mom is played by Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe from friends) and she does a great reminded me of Friends. Anyway she does things like padlocking the food cupboard so the foster kids can't just eat whenever, and the food she serves them is gross.
The kids have a Jack Russell Terrier named Friday who roams around during the day and they try to find food for him. The kids get into trouble and Friday happens to find this abandoned hotel for him and the kids to hind out from.
Over the course of the movie the foster kids and 3 other children rescue dogs from the area so they don't have to go to the pound and get killed.
They get caught and get into a lot of trouble. Their social worker who always made sure they stayed together had to separate them after their foster parents didn't want them anymore because the stole things from them to make items for the hotel where the dogs were.
In the end the social worker and his wife decide to adopt these two kids (I got teary eyed), and the Hotel for Dogs lived on as a adopt a dog program plus.

If you are thinking about it , go see it. A good movie for both kids and adults with a lot of good lessons to teach your kids after it's over with if you want.

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