Monday, February 16, 2009

It's too late to blog

It's amazing how many nights I lay awake thinking of things that I should have put on my blog that day. A lot of times it political stuff because those that are in the GOP are really ticking me off but I'm trying not to do to much political stuff.
Although, I did tonight see the first part of Bristol Plain's interview on Fox w/ Greta and I have she say she gives an interview like her mom. In short she sounded dumb and her answers had no truth behind them they sounded prerecorded. She just needs to get away from the camera and focus on being a teen mom.

Then as I was getting ready to workout, and republican friend ( yes, unlike the GOP and others I'm able to be bi-partisan) who had just finished his workout started talking politics with me. He went on about Rush and I went on about what an idiot Rush is and I can't believe he has his own talk show because he sounds like an idiot 99% of the time. But he likes Rush and that's fine I like Keith and how he makes fun of the idiotic things Rush says almost everyday.

Tomorrow will be another day in history as Obama signs the Stimulus Bill @ 2:00pm. I again will be in Marion running kids around.....Vanessa are you having me drive on purpose on Tuesday so I miss my friend Barack when ever he talks??? Just kidding girly I know it just happens to be that way :)

Is this bill perfect??? No. Is it great???? Maybe. Is it good??? YES!! It will help Americans get jobs and create money back into our economy.
The bible says that we should seek counsel from others, this stimulus package has been looked over by a lot of economic leaders and they all agree it will help our economy. Are they Christians... I don't know but they do understand things that we don't about our economy so I put my trust in them and in God that this will help our country and all the people that are hurting out there that we don't see.

What saddens me is how you have those in the GOP who vote against the stimulus bill and then get on camera and say how great specific things in the bill will be for their state. This is hypocrisy and it is coming out on all the news channels. So it raises the question...did they just vote no out of spite or to prove a point to the new President that they don't want by-partisanship, or did they vote no because they believe this was not the best package for the people they represent.

My thoughts are they voted thinking of themselves and of the party, but not for the millions of people in this country that are out of work and losing everything they own. Because they aren't in their shoes.... they have 2,3,4, maybe even 9 houses so they don't know how desperate the middle class in this country is. How desperate we are for something to change and for someone to help us out instead of just thinking of themselves first.

OK wait, I guess I did say I was going to do less talking about politics and then here I go again.
I'm done......for today.

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Anonymous said...

This is where I politely smile and nod my head! I don't get into it the way you do so I'll just listen to you vent!
I hope you can catch Barack on Youtube or something after your errands :)