Monday, January 26, 2009

Super Sitter Class to much

Alivia went into the homeschool today for a Super Sitter class put on by the Marion Fire Dept.

She was very excited about the class where she would learn all things necessary to start babysitting.

I took Trevor to Vanessa's to do school and hang with Camden and I needed a cut and color so I made my appt. at City Looks to get it done.

I get Trevor dropped off, and Alivia checked in and paid for and I was off to run a few errands and then to my hair appt.

All was going well it was 12:45 and I was done at City Looks and heading for the van when my cell phones rings. A number I didn't recognize so I wait for them to leave a message and check it.

It was the teacher who organized the sitter class calling me to tell me Alivia was feeling faint and could I come and get her. So off I went to the homeschool to see what was up. I go downstairs and their she is lying on the floor and they are trying to take her temp. Mrs. Bazan tells me that Alivia told her she felt like she was going to faint and so they had brought her out into the hall to lay down. I felt her head and she felt normal to me. The lady firefighter who was doing the class came out and told me she was talking about blood and sometimes this bothers some kids. Well it bothered Alivia because by the time we got home she was fine.

So I asked Alivia what the lady was talking about. She said about a kid getting cut on the head and how it was bleeding and then she told how on another call she went on a girl was carrying scissors and fell and they went into her eye. That's when Alivia told Mrs. Bazan she was not feeling good. I knew Alivia had somewhat of a weak stomach just not that weak. But I understand it was not just her because as I was pulling the car up and Alivia was inside she said 3 girls came up and told Mrs.Bazan that a girl in the class had thrown-up.

You send your kid to a baby sitter class to learn some basics in child care so they are prepared and mine ends up light headed from the talk of blood and another vomits from the talk about blood. Had I known it was going to get this bad I would have had Darryl teach her CPR and the Heimlich and I would have taught her diaper changing, direct pressure on an open cut, calling 911 and then the parents etc.

Super Sitter class was interesting and it taught me that I need to find out first what all the teacher is going to teach before I send my child to the class, just like I would do if my children were in public school so I could pull them out if there was anything I disapproved of.

Alivia will soon be able to babysit for you since her dad is going to teach her CPR and the Heimlich. So if you are in need give her a call.

Here is the pic of my chopped and colored hair :)

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Anonymous said...

Wow, your hair is so SHINY! Love it!
Poor Alivia! I hope that she recoups well...the whole scissors in the eyeball kinda turns my stomach too. I just completed my updates for CPR/First Aid/Universal Precautions and my teacher was pretty candid and went into detail on some gross things too. Must be a fire fighter thing (no offense Mr. D)
Call me, we have a Starbucks date to honor! I will be going to Disney World on the 8th-12th but we need to get together sometime very soon!