Monday, February 9, 2009

Busy Sunday.....No rest :(

It's not to often I like to be busy from morning until after the sun goes down. That is unless I'm in so warm tropical getaway or even NYC but I wasn't on Sunday I was here in IOWA.

We went to Sunday School, Darryl and I are taking a financial class by the christian finance group Crown Ministries and it is so good but a lot of work to prepare for it. We are learning so much about how we view "stuff" and also of how we treat "stuff" are we good stewards of what God has given us. So with this class I have a lot of time praying, about how we are doing on the way we (mainly me) spends Darryl paycheck. Darryl has been blessed with a job he has been at for a while and so he earns enough for us to pay the bills and then some all without a college education. That is why I do feel so blessed by his employer because he didn't go to college and makes the amount he does. Also they are doing another round of layoffs at his work because the buying of Chiropractic tables is low but his department in the service area is staying busy so I'm thankful he has a job. So anyway we were up early for Sunday School and then into church.

After that we had a birthday party in CR at Chuck E. Cheese. We get inside and the dorky worker said "are you guys ready for some fun?" I said "sure do you have any drugs?". Oh relax it's not that bad. Have you ever been to Chuck E. Cheese on a Sunday afternoon..... it was packed with hundreds of kids running everywhere and let's just say there was more then just me that left with a headache. But the kids had a good time so I guess that's what matters.

We got home at 4:00pm and we had our Care Group from church coming over at 5:00pm. I did all the cleaning on Saturday knowing I would be gone all day Sunday. So the house was clean it just needed a tidy up. So I did that, made punch, dipped strawberries in chocolate and got out cups, plates and silverware for all to use. We had a great time and learned about 3 of our couples trip to Moody Christian college. Everyone left about 8:30 and I plopped down on the couch and didn't move until 10pm bedtime.
Put the kids to bed and woke up at 9:20 this morning. A much needed sleep in after a long Sunday.

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