Friday, August 22, 2008

Tramatic Day at the Dentist

Alivia had a dentist appointment yesterday to get two baby teeth pulled. She was getting these pulled as requested by her orthodontist so her big tooth would have room when it came down.
So of course she was nervous but a brave little girl. I told her if she can get stitches in her lip she can do this and it would be a lot easier. Well I lied :(

He worked on the bigger tooth first which was towards the back of the mouth and it had some big strong roots. It was gross for me to watch him try to get that tooth out. But at last yeah it was out. So he gave her a few minutes and the next tooth would have fallen out this year and so we knew it would be an easy pop out and it was.
We finish up he gives me the instructions about soft food etc. They put her chair up, she gets up and goes to the "prize room" to pick out something. We walk to the receptionists desk and I'm talking a little to her . Alivia says to me "I feel dizzy". I put my arm around her she puts her head on my side, her eyes roll up in the back of her head and she goes limp. I carefully get her to the floor and yell for the dentist who is just a steps away. He comes out gets the gauze out of her mouth and about a minute later she comes back to us.

She is still glassy eyed and wondering why mom is crying and why there are 4 people from the dentist office looking at her and why is she lying on the ground.
So she slowly gets up we have her lay down for a while on the couch at the office. She drinks some sprite complains that her stomach really hurts and her head. I tell her to relax and just close her eyes.

So after a while we get ready and go. I call Darryl crying and tell him what happened and how I didn't freak out on the outside but on the inside I was panicked at seeing this happen to my child.
So she took it easy yesterday and laid on the couch all day and night. This morning she woke up had $6.00 from the tooth fairy although the tooth fairy thought about giving her $50 :)
And is back to her chipper self and acting normal, and I couldn't be happier!


Keri Speidel said...

Oh, poor Alivia. I hope she's feeling better. We might have to take her to Dairy Queen for some "soft" ice cream :)

Anonymous said...

Yikes! That scared ME and I wasn't there. Poor girly! I am glad she came to and is back to herself!
Hugs for Momma!!!