Thursday, August 28, 2008


Tonight we finish up the DNC and it has been a good one. I don't know that in the past that I have taken time to watch but this year I did get to see a lot of it. Michelle Obama had a great speech the first night. Hillary Clinton who I didn't caucus for did an excellent job. I clapped four times up in my room at what she was saying. She was very much to the point of what an a** Bush is and how McCain will continue this country on the wrong path. The more I thought about she spoke on the 88th anniversary of women having gotten the right to VOTE. And had she won the most delegates I would have voted for her and History would have been made not only for her being the first women President but being the only wife of a former president to be voted in. How cool!!!! Then Joe Biden spoke last night. He has had a lot of misfortune in his life and had been a single dad after the death of his wife and other children in a car accident. He would be an excellent Vice Pres. and a great choice for Obama. Then I was able to listen to former Pres. Clinton and he too will go down in DNC history of being a very good speaker and inspiring the Democrats to come together and get a Democrat into office.
And then tonight Barack Obama. He laid out his plan for America if he was elected. It is exactly what this country needs. Eight years HAS been ENOUGH! Life for the middle class ("those who make under 5 million" -McCain )yeah right!, will change and we will have more money to work with and to use to help our children out and ourselves. If you didn't get a chance to listen to it, get online and listen to his speech. I will listen to McCain's when it comes his turn and see what he has to say that he will do. I hope he sticks with facts and doesn't make petty remarks about Obama and his love for this country etc. Like his political ads do. He just needs to give us the truth and the facts of his plan and keep his opinions to himself. Because they are lies.

Anyway it was a great week for Democrats at the National Convention.
Don't vote on one issue that hasn't changed with republicans in office, and think about the America you want and the opportunities you want for your kids and make an educated choice.

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