Sunday, August 10, 2008

Kraut Route '08

My alarm went off at 7:01am :( I was a little nervous the night before and didn't sleep to well.

I make my way downstairs, get some OJ and take some vitamins, plug in my hair straightener, and Darryl tells me we may be running in rain this morning. I get dressed in my new Asics Cornell Track shirt ( thanks Keri and Lonnie) and start to stretch. Do my hair, brush my teeth, and get ready to head over to the park with my hubby. It was sprinkling off and on. We get registered and stretch some more until race time...........

We get on our marks...get set....the gun didn't go off. We try again.... on your marks....get set..... the gun didn't work a second time. We do it again, on your marks.....get set.....nothing!! I was like OK Mr. Timm we don't need a stupid gun shot just say GO geezzzz. So the fourth time, on your marks...get set...and he yells GO! We had some walkers in front of us blocking us a little bit and I about yelled HELLO Runners behind you move duh! But we(Darryl and I) just pushed by them instead.

At the mile marker I was at 11min 24 sec. (which is good since I had been running 12min miles).

But this was the start of the dreaded hill from the dark side. I made it up the big big hill and up the medium hill and up the two little hills and then finally we were at the two mile marker just past our house, my time was 22 minutes. The kids stood at the end of the driveway and cheered us on as we ran on through our last mile. With about 1/2 a mile left to go we pass a lady runner in my age bracket (yes) and then we passed another lady in the next older age bracket (yes again) we go by Keri and Lonnie's and they were out with the boys cheering us on and she took our picture (thanks Keri). So we are about .2 miles from the finish almost there and the lady in the older age bracket is running faster to get across the finish line. Fine I let her pass, but then I see the other lady in my age bracket out of the corner of my eye and she too is sprinting for the finish line and I said to myself....self there is no way you are going to come into last place, so I hauled butt with Darryl beat her and got 6th place out of 8 ladies in my age group and had a great time of 34 min. 16 sec. my new 5K record :)

All in all it was fun and I was glad Darryl was there to move me a little faster and we had a great time doing something together.

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Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you!
You know what? I am getting a treadmill today and I might have to get my butt into gear and train with you again and we can kick some slow booty!