Saturday, August 16, 2008

Our 15th Anniversary

This is late getting on here but I was gone all day yesterday at the state fair. So here goes....
Thursday August 14th we celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary. Darryl worked all day and I took an older lady that we help out to CR for a pedicure (she paid for me to have one too) and to Aldi's. After getting home I took Alivia to the pool for about an hour came home took a shower, shaved my legs and got ready for my night out.
We went to Iowa River Power Company in Coralville for supper. It was nice and quiet in there(not a place to take kids for supper) and our table had a view of the dam which was nice and calming.
After dinner we walked along the path that goes over the dam. Then we headed off to Iowa City to try out this piano bar.
We get there soon after 7:00pm(when they open) and no one was there besides one worker. So we left and walked around went into Old Capitol Mall (in which the stores were closed?) and so we left there went into a few stores outside that were still open and headed back to the bar about 8:00. We walk in and once again no one. Well my feet hurt from these cheap heels that I have so I told Darryl let's just sit down and have a few drinks. We sat at the bar where we could see the tv, I asked him if he would turn it to the Olympics and he did. Then Darryl asked him when does the piano player come in.... about 8:30 he says. Darryl asked are you guys usually busy on a Thursday night. he said yes we get busy around 11pm to which we both said we will be in bed by then. Now in general I don't feel 3* , I feel more like 28,29 years old. But on Thursday I felt like I should have been 62 years old. So Darryl got a coke and I got a Strawberry Martini. Wine and Martini's were half price that night which was good because they normally charge $7.00 for a martini. I have no problem paying that in NYC but in So I drank that down the piano player Sean got there and started to play. It was nice listening to him. I ordered another martini this time a chocolate one for my dessert of the night and it was so so good. So I asked the bartender for the recipe. So Sherry come next month when the guys are gone in Kansas City we are having some Chocolate martinis!
It was a good night and we had fun. This was the first time I had been to a piano bar. I wanted to go because I had seen a "Friends" episode where they went to a piano bar but you could ask the piano player to play a song and you could sing. Then there were commercials for a piano bar in CR (which got flooded) and the same owner runs the IC one. We left around 9:15pm to get home so I don't know if they ever let you sing but it was nice to hear him play and sing. I would go back again. And I think I will make the girls go to one in NYC this May.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! I miss the Piano Lounge!
Chad and I went there everytime we went out. Sometime, you HAVE to go with me later at night because it is a blast. They have all sorts of piano players come in for the later shows. Comical-style, R-rated (which was hilarious), Battling Pianos. It was so much fun. I might have to take a trip up to IC to see them since I miss ours!!
I am glad you had a good night! I went to senior prom at the same restaurant you went to. How cute!