Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Last night was the season finally of The Mole on ABC. When the competition first started I had on my list as suspects Liz - because of her age she would be able to use that as an excuse to fail at certain challenges and also because she would be like a "mom" to the other players and who would peg their mom as The Mole. Craig because of his size he would also be able to fail at many challenges because he is in bad shape plus people that big are usually very friendly and funny and so no one would peg him. Then third it was Bobby. Although a skinny little guy he had a lot problems with leg cramps etc. in the first few challenges.

By about week 4 my front runner for The MOLE was Craig. I think Liz had been executed and Bobby was just a bad player with lots of problems. As I continued to watch Craig everything about him and his actions confirmed to me he was The MOLE.

As it got down to the final three Nicole, Mark and Craig, I kept saying Craig was it. So between Mark and Nicole, I had hoped Mark would win. He is 42 his wife is pregnant with their 4th child and he works 2 jobs and she works as well. If he won the money he would be able to let his wife quit her job to stay home with the kids which is what she really wanted to do. Now Nicole is an OB-GYN and more of a high society snobby girl (that's the impression she gave off). She is single and already makes enough money to support herself plus. So I was hoping for Mark to be the winner.

As the winner was reveled last night it was........Mark!!!! I was so happy I actually had a few tears of joy that he had won.
Then The Mole, was it Craig or was it Nicole? The door opened we waited and out came........Craig just as I had thought.

It was just the way I had hoped the show would end. The Mole is a great show and I would love to see my hubby try to be on it or heck maybe even ME.

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