Friday, August 29, 2008

Labor day

Well this is the final weekend of summer :( The pool will be closing and the Studt's will be starting school. We will not be able to get in another camping trip :( and I wonder where did summer go?
Darryl wants to start this weekend tearing out the drywall in our ceiling in order to raise it back up to the original height of almost 10feet. So we will be using heavy tarps and moving all the furniture out in order to keep it from getting dusty. I may be going to my mother-in-laws to live if I can't handle the dust with my allergies. Because above the drywall will be a plaster ceiling which will be extremely dusty to remove in order to hang new drywall.

Then Labor Day is the Lisbon Fire Dept. pancake breakfast. Darryl will get there early and I will roll in between 8am-9am to help clean up tables, wash dishes, and make sure the butter and pancake syrup on the table is full. So a normal day for me besides the early morning part :)

I hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day and a great last weekend of SUMMER!

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