Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day memories

I asked Darryl if he remembered what happened 21 years ago this weekend and also 20 years ago this weekend. I was surprised that he did.
21 years ago on this weekend Vernon and Betty Studt invited my parents to come out to Darryl's cabin in Ivanhoe to celebrate the holiday. At this point I just finished up my junior year of high school and don't remember if I really wanted to go but did. We get down there and to my surprise Darryl was lookin' good. I didn't remember him from living in Lisbon because I was so young when we lived here and he was starting his teen years. But he had his girlfriend Charlie down there and I was dating a guy from work at the time.
Then a year later and all had changed. Pat and I had broke up and so when the invite came to go visit the Studt's again, I thought I would go with my mom and dad to see if Darryl was still with Charlie or not. I head to Mt.Vernon and found out that he too was single. Now I had just graduated from high school and Darryl was celebrating 10 years out of high school. My gosh I was young! It was a fun day and I invited Darryl to graduation party happening sometime later that week.
He did show up and then we dated for a year and a half and were engaged for a year and a half.
And so on this weekend 20 years ago I met my husband. Wow how time flies!!

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