Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bringing up Girls Chapters 3 & 4

Chapter 3: The Fair Sex

Dr. Dobson talks about a long car trip they took as a family. One of the times they were re-fueling a stray dog came wondering over. Danae gave it much attention and begged to be able to keep the dog that had no home. Even as the dog was chasing their car as they drove off she had many many tears and pleaded with me to go back and get the dog. But we could not take the dog.
Girls are compassionate and have gentle temperaments yet can also be catty, rebellious and downright brutal to peers.
He talks about a study he did for another book of his called "What wives wish their husbands knew about women". Side note maybe we should try to get our husband involved in a study on this book :) Anyway he did a survey about depression. He found that the most common source of depression among these women was low self-esteem. More then 50% listed it as the number 1 source, and 80% put it in there top 5.
He talks about Chris Evert-tennis star, Madonna-singer, Oprah Winfrey, and Melissa Gilbert all very successful women and there struggle with low self-esteem and feeling of importance outside of their jobs.
He believes there are ways to instill a strong self-esteem in our daughters. It begins within the security of a loving family. Specifically it depends on a caring and affirming father. He lets us know about a book "Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters" and quotes some info from that book. I think I will find this for Darryl to read along with this chapter about a dad's role.
Dad's can do this by telling their daughters that they are pretty, hugging her, and compliment her. Build her confidence by giving her your time and attention. Defend her when she is struggling. And let her know she has a place in your heart that is reserved only for her.
He then talks about leaving a job he had in order to be at home more to be able and spend time with his family and how God has blessed him in making that decision.

Chapter 4: Why She Is Who She Is
Here he gets into the development in the womb and how from common test today like MRI, CAT and PET there is a definite difference between the sexes and this whole unisex movement was so wrong. He quotes information from two books The Female Brain by Louann Brizendine and The Wonder of Girls by Michael Gurian.
Both brains of the female and male appear to be the same until the eighth week of pregnancy when the male brain is washed by a huge surge of testosterone. This male sex hormone kills some of the communication cells. And in girls between 3-6 months of age experience "juvenile puberty". Their tiny ovaries start producing adult doses of estrogen. This estrogenic bath will continue until girls are about 3 years old.
So in all females are finely tuned machines that operate according to fixed timetables.
Dr. Dobson goes on and talks more about the brain functions of boys and girls and how different they are which is why we are so different. Females because of this difference need to talk. Especially about what they are feeling. So busy moms and dads who are too exhausted at the end of your day to talk with your daughters no matter what the age need to make time at the dinner table or before they go to bed. it is imperative that you tune in to your kids - especially your girls.

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