Friday, July 25, 2008

RAGBRAI in Lisbon

Well we had a whole lot of bikers come through our little town today. All walks of life from old to kids sitting in carry along things while their parents peddled away. I went walking around 10:30 this morning with a friend and we were able to check it all out. There were a lot of bikers and some were drinking beer which I would expect from the riders but thought at 10:30 in the a.m. was pretty early unless you are an alcoholic :)

Then further down on our walk we heard a few guys hooting and hollering and as they went by we were able to get quite a few glimpses of about eight guys butts!!! That's right they had half of there spandex shorts pulled down and everyone got a good look.

Also when we were downtown there was this let say 20 something year old guy with no shirt and not spandex but skin tight Calvin Cline boxer shorts. Let's just say if a sketch artist needed me to describe him the police would be able to pick him up in about 10 min. ( from Seinfeld).
It seemed like a great day for the bikers and they all seemed to be having lots of fun.

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