Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Getting ready for a 5k

That's right I'm getting ready to run/jog in my first 5k. I have always walked them before but started jogging in late winter/early spring to try and lose some weight faster then just walking everyday. I started out on the treadmill and could barely do 2 minutes of jogging now I'm up to 2 miles and have done 3 miles at different times. I know my body is in better shape and my legs are looking great! In general I really don't like to run/jog so this has been a challenge for me but the results are great. Mount Vernon is having Heritage Days this weekend and I signed up to walk that 5k since Mt. Vernon is so hilly (is that a word?). but a lady told me last night that there is only one big hill on the 5k, so I think I will run until I get to the monstrous hill and then walk up it. I will try it out.
I am however running in the Kraut Route in August in Lisbon. This is what I've been training for.
I will let you know how it all goes. I was going to run with my friend Vanessa but she is ditching me because she is pregnant!!!! No excuse I say, suck it up and do it! She disagrees with me :(
Wish me luck!!!!

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