Thursday, July 31, 2008

Mama Mia - One thumb down

Last night two friends of mine went to go see Mama Mia. Now I knew of course it was a musical, but didn't know the whole story line. It's about a girl Sophie who is getting married and wants to know who her dad is. She reads her mom's diary from 20 years ago and finds out it could be 3 possible men (yes mom was a slut). She invites all three men to come to her wedding and they all do. The story is good and I would like to see it on Broadway.

At the end of the movie as they are doing a special song and dance, I see the the executive directors were Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson. I'm a HUGE Tom Hanks fan and think he is an amazing actor. But I thought their choice for actors in this movie was a little off.

Then my friend told me that Rita kept bothering Merle Streep until she finally said she would do the part of "Donna" the mom. In general I'm not a big Streep fan at all, but I thought her singing and dancing in this movie was not good. I wish Tom would have stepped in and got someone who can sing and dance and act like...... Cathrine Zeta-Jones or even better a wonderful actress whom my daughter was named after Olivia Newton-John. Now that's who the should have got!!

Then Pierce Bronson played one of the potential fathers. I laughed so hard the first time he broke out in song!! I told my friend he could never play 007 again after this. My favorite movie that he played in was Mrs. Doubtfire. Anyway he did not sing well at all either. They should have got a different actor to play that part like...... Richard Gere or the best choice I think would have been their (Tom and Rita's) friend John Travolta! That would have been great to see him and Olivia back on the big screen together.

Well those are my thoughts. In general the movies story line was good but I did find myself laughing A LOT at the musical numbers and the cast that sang them. I think this movie could have been great with the choices of different actors whether the ones I mentioned above or non-famous actors who could sing and dance. I'm disappointed that Tom put out a movie like this but I still respect him as an actor.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm, it doesn't appeal to me, but I haven't seen a whole lot of good flicks lately. It's summer.
I bet it was nice to get out with the girls, though. I'll have to join you soon!