Saturday, July 12, 2008

Heritage Days 5k.... I did it!!!

It was a stormy night last night and the thunder booms kept waking me up. My alarm goes off at 7:01am and I hit snooze and hear the rain. I lay there thinking do I get up and check the weather or go back to sleep. I get up and go downstairs. Darryl is up and talking with our friend Mark Sullivan whom spent the night along with his brother last night because they are leaving for Chicago at around 8:30am to go to the NASCAR race tonight.
I check the weather and the storm looks like it has passed. So I get ready for the 5K. I stop at Casey's and get a granola bar that has yogurt to continue on my carb eating. I pull into the Mt.Vernon High school and someone is waving at me....... it's my friend Vanessa. I was in shock! Was she there to run with me or walk by herself??? I park the car, get out, hug her, and she tells me she is there to cheer me on and take my picture. How sweet!!!
I line up in the back of the pack of runners and in front of the walkers and the gun fires. I'm off..... I get to the 4th Ave. hill and can see a lot of people walking up it :( So I get to it and make it almost to the top but walk about 15-20 at the crest of it. My mouth is dry and I need a drink of water. Just a little ways up Sam Young has a water jug. I stop grab and cup and fill it with water take a drink and get going again. I hit 1 mile marker at 12min 15 sec. Not bad since I never know what I run a mile in. I'm thinking minus the walking and stopping for a drink I could have done it in 12min. The rest of the race is on pretty level ground with only a small hill about a 1/2 mile later. I go to the finish, Vanessa takes my picture and is cheering for me and I get me stick which has #163 on it. I still don't know my time the stick was my proof for when all the runner/walkers came in. But I had fun and got my exercise in for today. Now it's back to training for sauerkraut days 5k. I will post Vanessa's pictures she took of me before and after the race as soon as she e-mails them to me :)

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