Monday, July 21, 2008

Doing Laundry..Trevor style

I just got done mowing and I have Trevor help me by doing the big open area. Both kids have chores and this is not part of his but he does it cause he loves his mom and is willing to help me out.
OK back to the main idea of this post. One of Trevor's jobs is to fold laundry. So when he first started I showed Trevor how to fold it etc....
He now does it by himself. So after he is done I sometimes need to change clothes or the next day get dressed. I would find Darryl's underwear in my underwear drawer. Then there would be Darryl's shirts or shorts in my pile of clothes. I thought good night does he REALLY think I could fit into these things?? Does he think I'm fat???? What is going on????
As time goes on though I know he is just clueless. I'm trying to train him whoever might be his future wife :)

I figured out he has no idea because I have found Alivia's shorts in my pile, sometimes her shirts, and sometimes her pants. Now that makes my day :) I think wow Trevor thinks I'm a stick thin 60 lb. mom. Although I know the truth is he has no idea whose clothes are whom besides his own that he wears.
AHAH.... another day in the life of Trevor. I do love him so much and he makes me laugh everyday.
Ladies I really am trying to train him up to be a wonderful husband. We are currently working on..... holding the door open for women, not saying mom listen and then farting loudly, and not burping out loud and straining chucks as he does it.

I'm having a hard time with the last one since his dad burps all the time, and very loudly. It is gross and I have learned to put up with it. I only hope if I can't break this habit, that his wife will be tolerant of this genetic disorder that has been passed down the Studt line :)


Anonymous said...

He is a crack up for sure. I am happy that he's doing laundry though. Major selling point for the future wife!

Keri Speidel said...

can he come to my house and help me fold ?