Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'm going back to NYC

Big Apple here we come!!!! I just got done booking my flight this morning to NYC in May 2009.

A few months ago it was not looking good with airline prices going way up (along with everything else) plus our hotel we stayed at last time is under new ownership and they bumped up rooms from $250 a night to $400 a night!! When we went in '07 we planned $500 for room and air ticket, this time it was looking like it would be $500 for air and $500 for room. So I told my friend that I didn't think I could go. Then this week my other friend going said United had tickets going out of Moline,IL for $204. So this morning we booked at that great price.

We are still searching for a good hotel that doesn't cost too much. Right now we have reservations at a hotel called Herald Square. The cost for 5 nights is $1,485.70 for two queen beds, that divided by 4 women equals $371.42 each for our room stay. So my cost right now for room and flight is $575. I have that saved already so now I have 10 months to save for spending money, food and money for a broadway show. I plan on giving plasma once a month (going in twice in the same week) and earning $60 which would give me $600 by the time we leave.

So I'm set and ready for NYC again. I do love going there and there is always so much to see each time. People who live there really do have so much culture around them. If you have never been I encourage you to go.

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