Sunday, March 8, 2009

Psyco lady and 8 more kids

There are different things I could have blogged about but since this is such a concern let's vent out about it.
First I don't think this women should have had more children. My guess is she isn't a Christian because we are told that we need to care for the children we are given as a blessing.

Now growing up the hardest time in my families life was when Reagan was the Pres. also at that time we had a Republican for a Gov. in Iowa remember Terry Brandsted(boo, boo boo). My dad was a union ironworker and worked his butt off everyday. During the reign of Republicans there was no work for ironworkers and it didn't help the Republicans are not a friend to union laborers. Anyway I do remember my dad being out of work and he didn't want to take any government assistants. Many nights we ate bread torn up and put in a glass and added milk and little sugar to it for supper. I remember eating that a lot. Finally after weeks of no work my dad hated it but we did get on food stamps, plus people (friends) in the church helped us out by bringing meals and food. Us kids were also able to have free lunch at school.

This is what the system was originally set up for. To help those in need on a temporary basis. As soon as my dad found work in Illinois and sometime he went to Minnesota we were off Government assistance. Just like we should be.

So here is a lady who cannot care by herself for the six kids she has without the help of the government and tax payers money. So knowing that she should have been done and been trying to find anyway possible to get off assistance.
The Doctor who put the fertilized eggs in her should never be able to practice medicine again because he is a total idiot and has no common sense. I mean even this girls mother told him not to do this and why.
So do the people of her state and county have a right to be outraged. I think yes! They are the ones financially caring for these children. Just like I absolutely hate having to support people in Linn county who may not have that many kids but who are life long recipients of the welfare system.

We are told to take care of the things God gives us. If you can't afford the children you have why do you have more? There is many places you can go to get free birth control and /or condoms. I think it shows poor judgement to continue to have children when you can't afford without government help the ones you have. God didn't say anywhere to rely on a non-Christian governmental programs to meet your needs.
These programs are set up for short term help. Unfortunately it's the children who suffer the pain by a parents bad choices. Just as I feel sorry for all her children. I think the eight should be placed in good foster homes until she can get her crap together. She shouldn't be allowed to have these children in her home and the state should look and see if the children she has in her mom's home now should be allowed to stay.
God gave her a brain and she should have used it. God gave the Doctor a brain and he should have used it as well. Children are a gift from God but there are so many more verses in the Bible that you have to look at and not just keep on reproducing just cause you love babies and they fill a void in your life.
Government assistance programs are a temporary fix not an 18 year give me plan.

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