Friday, March 13, 2009

Alivia gets Honorable Mention

This past Wed. night was the first Awana Derby Car Race. They gave the kids a basic kit and then the kids had to design and paint their car how they liked. Now this is the first year for this at Awana and my first Derby Race as well. They had a couple of work days at the church for kids to come and work on their cars in case the parents didn't have the saws and things required in making a pattern/design for the car. Darryl does although he did take both of the kids' into work and had them cut there. But as part of school the kids and I sanded them until they were nice and smooth and ready to paint.

Trevor had an idea for his he wanted it to be all black and then in red on the top he painted a cross and put #9000 on each side.

Alivia who loves the color pink and soccer asked Miss Keri to help her out by painting a soccer ball and Alivia's jersey no#5 on it. Since Miss Keri is a artist we knew it was going to look great! And as you can see it does! Thanks Keri !!!!

As far as the race goes the kids had fun but neither one's car was the fastest. But as far as the "car show" Alivia did not win but her and a few other kids did get honorable mention for having very cool looking cars.

Way to go Alivia for the idea and Miss Keri for the painting !!!

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