Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hello Kitty

Although we live in town, around our area there seems to be a lot of
outdoor cats. Our beautiful calico kitty "Stinky" is strictly an inside cat. So when we do see another cat around the window we grab Stinky and let her see the outside cat so her animal instinct kicks in and she protects her home.
This involves her grunting and hissing and the hair on her back standing up as she lets the other cat know to get away.
It seems mean but we all get a big laugh out of watching her get all
worked up.
Yesterday a cat came and sat at the back door, you can kind of see her on the cement in the pic. I told Trevor grabbed Stinky and she did her thing. For the first time the cat just looked at her and stayed. So there you see Stinky sitting watching her and every now and then hissing but the other cat is sitting there looking at Stinky like yeah so what are you going to do. Your stuck inside with no claws and I will eat you up if you try to fight me. Or it was something like that in their smack talk.
Eventually Stinky got tired of just watching the cat and got down and soon after that the outside cat left. I guess the outside cat held her ground and won the face off of not leaving just because of Stinky.
It was a devastating loss for Stinky Studt and the first one in the 10 years that we have lived here. She is now on a strict training program to get her booty in shape for the next challenge of defending her home.


Dawn said...

sorry stinky, but in the words I have heard your mom say - you can't win everything. However,a better training program might be the answer to keeping these losses minimal

Miranda said...

LOL funny stuff!