Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fool's Day.....Red Hair!!

As I start this, I first have to say that I am the QUEEN of April Fool's Day jokes in our house.
I get Darryl every year with the kitchen sprayer joke. That is where we use clear tape and tape down the handle of the sprayer so when he turns on the water he get nailed. Now this morning it was all ready to go but he was running late and didn't have cereal so he had no need to turn on the faucet. So this morning we didn't get him but rest assured the day is not over yet :) My other classics are making fake puke and calling him during the day and telling him that Alivia is not feeling well and after he got home and he was in the back room she made puking noises and I yelled oh no Alivia just threw-up as Alivia and I went into the bathroom. Darryl got out all the cleaning supplies and just as he started to clean it up he realized it was fake puke.
Another really good one was after he got "fixed" I called him and told him I had been late and took a pregnancy test and I was pregnant. I think I may have even had one of my pregnant friends pee on a pregnancy test for me so I could show him as proof. On this one he was mad at the thought so I came clean soon after he got home :) But it got him good.

So today I did get him in a different way.....a red hair way with help.

Last week I scheduled a hair appointment for Darryl and it just happened to be today. At the time I set it up I had thought about doing something funny but didn't know what.

So on Monday after working out I stopped into Salon 30 to talk to Michelle about if there was any type of shampoo she could use that would color Darryl's hair. I had did an Internet search and couldn't find anything. Michelle was not there so I asked Laura and she didn't know of anything so I thought oh well we will just do the sprayer joke.
But Laura did give me Michelle's cell number and so I called her and she told me of a product called Fancyfull. It's a shampoo you can use to help keep your hair colored until you can get it colored professionally.

So yesterday I was in town went to Sally's Beauty Supply and found the product. Now most of the colors were that of normal hair color. I told the girl with purple hair who was helping of my plan. The only odd color was a bright orange. So I bought it for $6.00 and was on my way.
After getting back in town, I stopped by Salon 30 gave her the product and we went over the plan. I asked her if she was sure about helping me and although I think she was nervous she said "yes" she would.

That night we happened to get breadsticks from Paul Reever's and who happened to be working but a guy named Mike that works with Darryl. I told him of my plan and that I was going to drop off my camera so someone could get a pic. He said they have a camera there and he would get a pic.

So I go today and workout at 12:00 and he goes across the hwy for his haircut @ 12:15. I'm working out praying it goes well and he doesn't notice until it starts to dry at work. My plan worked.

Darryl gets to work and two guys give him a weird look and say nice hair. He thinks it is just because it was long an hour ago and now it is short. Then someone else says the same thing.
He goes into his office and the guy he works with also gives him a weird look but is on the phone so he can't say anything.

The two original guys come stand at his door and ask why his hair is red. Darryl laughs at them thinking they are trying to get him to look at his hair as an April Fool's joke. He leaves his office and another guy says why is your hair red. He also thinks he is in on the joke about his hair being red. To bring this story to an end he looks in the mirror sees his hair is red and calls Michelle @ Salon 30. She tries to do her best as he is giving her a hard time and tells him it washes out. He goes to where they have a large sink sticks his head under the water and out comes the red.
Now I would love to show you a pic but Mike didn't see Darryl come back to work and was too late in getting down there before Darryl rinsed it out :( But this is another April Fool's Day that will go down in history!!

The kids are already coming up with thoughts for next year. I can't wait...I love this day ;)

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