Monday, December 29, 2008

A great day.

It finally came......Christmas!!! Trevor woke up at 4:00am and then went into his sisters bedroom and woke her up and then came into our bedroom to see if he and his sister could get up and wait downstairs until we got up. The answer was NO!! So he went back into his sisters room and fell asleep with her until 7 and then dad made them wait until I woke up which was at 7:45.

They got out all the presents from under the tree and took the gifts out of their stockings.

Trevor got Pokemon XD from us, Super Monkey Ball from Alivia, and two Wii remotes, a pokemon ds game, and pokemon cards from Santa. He got a Sonic game from grandma Studt, pj's and slippers from Grandpa and Grandma Freeman, and a ds game from uncle Sean.

Alivia got a manatee webkins from Trevor, a robe and pj's from us, and Disney sing it, hair stuff, and a ds game from Santa. A cd and calender from Grandma Studt, slippers and pj's from Grandpa and Grandma Freeman and a Hannah Montana little camera from Uncle Sean. Oh yes and we can't forget the What not to Wear vinyl pants from grandma Freeman as well.

Darryl got a bible cover, iPod shuffle, 19" flat computer monitor from us, a Carhartt sweatshirt from my dad, dress socks and cash from mommy and candy from Aunt Marcia.

Together we got a new keyboard and mouse, a under the counter can opener, a handheld mixer and some bedding from my parents.

Darryl got me a purple iPod nano, a gift card to Gordman's and some slippers. I got earrings, and cash from his mom, a bird feeder from my half sister , a candle from a friend, bath soap from a different friend and an Amazon gift card from another friend.

It was a wonderful Christmas had by all. I hope yours was good as well.

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