Thursday, December 11, 2008

Another lovely day in Iowa

As I look out my window I still see ice all over my driveway. Of course there is no way our snow removal guy Ed can get rid of the ice and it hasn't been warm enough for it to melt. Today after talking to my friend Arlene I'm thankful that I don't live in the country where the roads are still so bad that school buses won't drive on them. I don't mind the snow as much as what I really don't like the ice. But this is Iowa and that's what happens.
I was talking to my dad last night and my mom for sure will be done working this year at the age of 76 and next year at this time I will be thinking about Alabama. He is already looking at places around where his sister lives to snowbird to after Christmas. And I told Darryl if they go south I will be gone for 2-4 weeks with them. Another great thing about homeschooling is I can just pack up and leave!! So I'm already looking forward to Jan. 2010 going south to warm up for a few weeks.
My parents will be having big changes in their lives for 2009. They are going to be selling their home and moving into a ranch (somewhere) because it is getting harder and harder for both of them to climb up and down stairs. They will stay around CR area since us kids are here and I would love for them to move back to Lisbon/Mt.Vernon area but prop. taxes are a lot higher out here then in CR. So hopefully around spring we (my sister and I) can paint and get their house ready to be sold and they can find a home with everything on the 1st floor.

It looks cold out today.....the kids want to go sledding.....and I need to go workout at the gym......
so I hope you all enjoy this day with your family and stay warm.
Because it is another lovely day in Iowa.

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