Friday, September 25, 2009

Laundry is a Major Pain

I don't think that I have had pain like this since I first hurt my back 13 1/2 years ago. I was 8 months pregnant with Trevor and working at a Veterinary clinic and I was by myself. I took a black lab out to go potty before I went home and it didn't want to go back into the cage. So I bent down and lifted it in and have had back problems ever since. Luckily Dr. Nolz was new in town and Darryl and I were friends with him and his wife and he was able to see me.

I have problems off and on with my back if I'm moving heavy things around or lifting incorrectly but it is a pain that will go away in a few days with over the counter meds and an ice pack.

On Thursday I was doing laundry leaned over with NOTHING in my hands and felt a sharp pain in my lower back that almost took me to my knees. Wow....I really did it this time I thought. So I went right away and took some ibuprofen and continued on in a more careful way. By dinner time I was just about done for. At that point you could have offered me any drug to take away the pain.
Why did I not go to the doctor some may ask......answer no health insurance. So no matter how you feel about health care reform, I want an affordable public option. But that is another subject.

So Darryl helps me cook supper as I can not bend over to get anything and I lay on ice and continue to take ibuprofen. Thursday was my day off from running anyway so to keep the muscle loose I told Darryl that Alivia and I were going on a walk.

We started out and as we get closer to the park I here cheering and such, so I say to Alivia let's go see if Dr. Nolz is over there. Thursday the clinic is closed or else I would have seen him, but I thought I would ask him some things to help make me comfortable until I could see him tomorrow.

There are good and bad things about living in such a small town...bad: people are nosy and want to know your business...good: you can chat with your chiro at his kids soccer game.

So yeah, we find him. He asked how I was and told him I was in severe pain and what I did to get in this pain and he said Logan's game is almost over come to the office and I will take a look at you. I told him that was not why I came over and it was his day off and he needs to ask Shelly so she is not mad that he is doing this etc.

Beings we are friends with him and he is so nice....Alivia and I walked over to the clinic and he gave me an adjustment. I went again today and he gave me another adjustment. Although he did laugh at me and the way I was standing and walking and told me I look like an old lady....but at this point he can laugh at me all he wants. I will be seeing him again tomorrow morning and according to him a lot more this next week.

So please pray for me and my pain. I'm thankful in this case to live in a small town where when you are in desperate need of help, your chiro is there to help you.

Also have learned that laundry can be a major pain.

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