Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A day in with......the old lady

As many of you read on Facebook I was not really looking forward to my trip in to Cedar Rapids with the 93 year old lady Labreta that I help. Let me explain how it all started.......

Darryl's dad had originally done work for her and that is how Darryl came to do work for her after he took over Studt and Son Repair. Now it hasn't been until the last 3 years that she had Darryl over to her home doing lots of different stuff and about every Friday he goes over. I come into the picture because in the winter of 2007 she needed someone to get her mail for her about every other day and hang it on a hook outside where she could get it. I said fine on days I go by her house I can do that. Then last year started getting mail all year round plus taking her to Dollar General, Gary's, the bank etc. She now expects her mail everyday, and that I am on call when ever she needs me. I don't do people telling me what to do very well and pushing me around and that is what she seems to like to do. Because she is paying me she thinks she can boss me around and I don't work like that. She never use to be this bad but as the years go on she gets worse. Her and Darryl have had there go rounds as well, but he is more frank and rude to her then I am. OK I told a little to much in the story about our relationship with her....but I do help her out.

So yesterday we went into CR and I will try to make this as short as possible. In general when she finds a person to do something for her she doesn't like to use anyone else. So one time she went into Walmart on the Westdale side of CR and the Korean lady gave her a pedicure. Ever since that one time she thinks NO ONE else on earth knows how to give a pedicure. So we start out to go to Walmart and I ask her where all she needs to go. I have to ask because she will say Sharon (that's me, sometimes it is Shannon lots of the time Sharon) can you take me to the bank. I go over pick her up and take her to the bank. But then she adds on Gary's and maybe something else. So I asked her where all do you need to go...she said to get toes done, Lowes, Walmart and Aldis. I explain that Lowes is way over on the other side of town and it would be better to go to that side since they have a Walmart, Aldi's and I'm sure a pedicure place. Finally after wanting to pull my hair out I some how convinced her.....Praise the Lord it is a Miracle that just happened. I'm still in awe of it!!!

Since we were now going to the NE side of town she wants to stop at Bed, Bath and Beyond to look for a toilet seat. They didn't have a cream colored soft one so we left. I'm waiting at the stop light with the mall right in front of us and she asked how far is the mall from here. I said it's right there across the street. She tells me that's not the mall. I say yes that is Lindale Mall across the street you see where it says Sears. Well that's not the mall where's Younkers. I say way on the other side. I stop arguing with her because I'm not a retard that she thinks I am, I know where the stupid mall is.

Next, I take her to Lowes and all of that goes well besides she buys a cream soft toilet seat, and a white one with some flowers on it which I reminded her the whole reasons we "had" to come to Lowes is because she "had" to have a cream toilet seat. But whatever she wants. It just means I'm going to have to return one of them and I'm never around Lowes.

We went to Aldi's and that went fine and then onto Walmart. There she couldn't find the perfect wastebasket for in her dining room to throw papers away. Right now she just uses a plastic Walmart bag and I show her wastebaskets in about 10 different colors but she decides she will go to Walmart in Anamosa and they will have the perfect wastebasket :)

So all in all it was OK. It was a 4 hour trip with her and I was defiantly tired by the time I got home. The best part of the trip was of course 30 minutes of feet pleasure...and here is a pic of my purple pedicured feet!

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