Thursday, September 17, 2009

Update Your Bathroom

We moved into this house 11 years ago. I was 8 months pregnant with Alivia so lucky me was unable to help a lot with any lifting and moving stuff. But also since I was pregnant I was also unable to paint walls etc. So sometime after Alivia was born and life was back to "normal" I had been watching HGTV and sponge painting was "in" and really big. So I convinced Darryl to let me do the downstairs bathroom since it had wallpaper on it and in general I don't like wallpaper. So he said fine...but I had to do it since he hates painting. So I did it and it turned out great as you can see.

But here lately I've been watching more shows about Flipping Houses and from that they talk about neutral colors for being able to sell the house. We will at some time in probably 3-4 years get the house ready to sell. So when we re-did the living room I picked good neutral colors with one dynamic wall and decided I would do so for the bathroom. I mean there was no way I could sell even if it is not for years, with a sponge painted's too out dated. So I picked colors in the same family as the living room and made one dynamic wall and the rest's actually the same color as the square ceiling part in the living room and here you have an updated bathroom that has a lot of potential for the new buyers in 3-4 years.
But most of all it's neutral and I like it!

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