Friday, August 14, 2009

Sauerkraut Days 100 year Celebration

This year was the 100th year of celebrating Sauerkraut Days. The festivities started Tuesday night with a movie in the park. Wednesday night a play which told of how Lisbon came to be. In the play was Darryl, Trevor, Alivia and myself. We played a number of different people depending on the era we were talking about. Thursday night we invited some care group friends over for fireworks, Friday at 4pm is when rides and festivities started, Saturday morning Darryl and I ran in the 5K. His time was 24:38 and mine was 31:52. My goal was to beat my time of last year which was 36 something...I guess I did that. I was really just hoping to be around 34 minutes. I pushed myself a little too hard and felt it later on :( But I was very happy with my time and Darryl was with his. There is a pic of all the candy Trevor got from the parade. A favorite is the bathtub races. Adults and kids alike love throwing waterballons at each other and those competing. As you can see Trevor loved breaking one over Alivia's head. We had a fun week and I was exhausted after all the activities we did. Here are some pics to show of our time at Sauerkraut Days.

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