Monday, July 27, 2009

Camping and Winning

We went this weekend camping, since the summer is winding down and we need to go more then twice this year. The weather was great, except for the storm on Friday night. Here were some of the clouds that blew in. They look like big marshmallows and made me hungry for smores.

So since it was raining on Friday night my mom, Darryl and brother-in-law Brian decided to play Euchre. I had been a long time since I had played so I was a little rusty. We played 4 games with the boys winning 2 games and the girls winning 2 games. It was getting later so we stopped.
The next morning after breakfast Trevor and I decided to play Battleship, I ended up winning so he decided to play Darryl....and Trevor won which was just the begging of Darryl's losing streak.
We then decided to play Sequence and Trevor won a game and I won a game and Darryl won 0 games.
After supper my sister got out a new game she bought which is like redneck golf except the thing you throw your balls on to spins. You can kind of see it in the picture. So Trevor and I played against Darryl and Brian and guess who won twice.....That's right Trevor and I.

So after another defeat we decided to finish our Euchre game since it ended at a tie. Darryl and Brian wanted to do the best out of 7 instead of best out of 5 so my mom and I agreed. And low and behold who won the next 2 guessed it baby my mom and I. Darryl took it in stride but he did have a losing weekend. Getting beat by his wife and son at all the games we played.

It was a fun weekend.

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