Saturday, August 15, 2009

Adventureland 2009

Last Monday the kids and I headed over to Adventureland with Sherry, Aubrey and Olivia Sullivan. My kids are not roller coaster kind of kids which is why we don't go to amusement parks but go to waterparks instead. Now the last time we had been to Adventureland was in 2003 and that too was with the Sullivans. But the kids were younger and so did a lot of "kid" type rides.
When I was a kid we went to Adventureland with my sister Donna. I was probably 12 and she had me go with her on the Tornado...I think that was the only roller coaster at Adventureland at that time. Let me say...I'm afraid of heights...anything where I'm free falling. But somehow she talked me into it. So the whole way up the first hill I'm crying. I seriously thought I was going to flip out of the seat and die. Donna was trying to clam me but to no avail. Once we went down the first hill and I screamed all my anxiety out I was able to enjoy the ride, and did it again on that visit. Trevor is also afraid of heights and so I knew no roller coasters for him but thought I might get Alivia. The first high ride we did was the Log ride. Trevor would not go on it but Alivia, Olivia and I did. They take your picture on the big hill going down and after the ride we looked at it and Alivia had a look of terror on her face. So no roller coasters for her or Trevor or mom that day. Trevor loved the Silly Silo and did it 4 times. Alivia and Olivia did the Gallon. The ship that goes back and forth. Trevor did not want to because of how high it goes up but the girls were in. Well for Alivia that was not a good choice. She got sick from it. After that ride we were going to take the sky lift to the other side of the park to do Kokomo Kove but she was worried she might barf on someone below her if she rode on we walked. The poor girl can't do roller coasters, can't do spinning rides, all that was left for her were little people rides which she did and enjoyed.
So I guess we learned that still amusement parks are not a great fit for our family and we will stick with waterparks where everyone loves the rides.
I was just happy our tickets to Adventureland were free and so the day was good and at zero cost....thanks Mark :)
Alivia did buy herself an airbrush tatoo which made her day and all the kids enjoyed the little Sawmill Splash ride. It was a fun, beautiful day spent with wonderful friends and only a few hitches so we called it a success.

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