Monday, September 8, 2008

RNC In Minnesota

OK the RNC is done and I'm finally done vomiting and peeing my pants with laughter to where I think I can write this. Mental note next year I will buy Depends for when Republicans talk because it is to hilarious the things they say.
The first night all I heard was Joe L. because I wanted to see what a back stabbing independent traitor would say. Well it wasn't too bad and I was glad to see he gave Pres. Clinton the congrats on balancing the budget(since Bush has sent us into deficit) and us having a surplus by the time his eight years were up.
The next night was Sarah Palin.
As for her position as Gov. she wanted to have Alaska break away from the USA and was in support of that happening. She voted for the Bridge to Nowhere before she ever voted against it. She is also under investigation for a firing of an employee for personal reasons. Normally this case would have been settled by October but since she recently decided to hire a lawyer the case will not get decided until after the election. Now isn't that convenient.
Listening to her speech she is now called a pit bull. Pit Bulls are mean Jesus was meek. During her speech I would have NEVER guessed she was a Christan. I just don't think Ann Graham Lotz, Elizabeth George, Ruth Graham Bell, Sheila Welsh, Martha Peace etc..... would ever talk in such a way. She doesn't represent what a Christian is very well. Her speech is not honoring Him. She should have said " I won't slander others and spread untruths. Write me a speech about what I can do to help McCain and this country."
Now on to McCain.... I actually like him better now then before the convention. He has a few plans for our country that I like. He seemed more genuine, then his VP pick.
Although Christians should know that he voted against theFMA bill which would define marriage as between one man and one women. Which is why the Log Cabin Republicans supported him for President.
I guess my question of all of this is WHY do Christians think either candidate is a great wholesome choice. I guess it's a question that I will never understand why.


Janice said...

I dont follow politics enough to have a firm decision on anyone. The only thing(s) I can say towards your question is we cant hold non christians(even those who "claim" to be) to christian standards if they really are not. We also should not judge peoples personal pasts without knowing when they came to Christ, a bad situation could have been what it took to turn their lives toward Christ. Yet, that past remains only in human eye, our precious Lord has Forgiven, as we should do too. Now, with a negative past and being a nonchristian, we still should not hold judgement but keep an eye to the sky so to speak and take our lead from the Lord and not our fleshly humanly thoughts. Ok, so I will step off my soapbox :) Just MY two cents. Good thing I dont have a strong view on any candidate huh? hee hee

Miranda said...

Wow, I am not sure if I want to post after the previous posts!
As for my opinions, I am voting for Obama. I usually lean to the left no matter who's up for president. I try not to factor religion into voting. I feel like I am only accountable for myself and whatever anyone else does is there on thing. I have no issues with Palin, I think it's awesome that there is a female in the running, and that she isn't picture perfect-even better, because none of us are.

I hate political talk so I'll shut up now. Lotsa hugs for you, after all, you're just putting your thoughts down on your blog-a freedom you have :)