Saturday, September 20, 2008

Buy all you want....She'll make more!

I like watching political tv at night and sometimes during the day if the candidates are talking. Now McCain has had a bad week in changing his mind on things and giving the right initials for the correct company he is talking about. I'm sure he is wishing all these wall street people had names instead of initials so he could keep it all straight. Poor guy.... at 72 your memory has to be failing you.
Then there is someone I truly dislike Sarah Palin. I feel towards her what republicans feel towards Hillary. So I will pick on her more then McCain. Since she has been named VP candidate the lies keeping coming out of her mouth as they would let say, maybe.....satan.
1) The TelePrompter broke during the RNC when she was speaking. This has been proven false by many, many people. Lie #1
2) I fired my personal chef. Really then why are they still cooking for you and your family. Lie#2
3)I took a pay cut which displeased my husband. True if a pay cut is when your salary increases. I mean it's on the record lady. Lie#3
4)I had to deal with 20% of the US Domestic Supply of Oil and Gas. That would be true if 20% and 13% were the same and equal numbers. Lie#4
5)She has reformed earmarks so the money isn't spent on things that doesn't serve the public. Then why did you give money to the research of the Bering Sea Crab and how they mate. I don't think that serves the public. Lie#5
6) Went to Iraq. Too bad you never did Lie#6
7) I told congress "Thanks but no thanks to the Bridge to Knowwhere" This is a favorite of mine since she has repeated it many times. And it has been proven that she supported it until Congress told her no. So why does she continue to say this when by now we know it to be false. Lie #7

Now let's move on to things that make her look stupid and deceitful.

She came to CR this past Thursday and spoke at the airport. It is reported that she said when she takes office she would make sure the federal checkbook was online just like what she did in Alaska so taxpayers know where their money is going. This is a great idea!!! In fact Obama thought it was great to which is why it has been online since 2006 when Obama said they needed to do that. My thought is that with McCain inventing the Blackberry that some of his lobbyist on his campaign could have looked on their Blackberry's and seen that it is available online before having Palin say it and look like an idiot.

I call this "Troopergate". Before becoming the VP candidate she was fully in favor of the investigation and all voted in Alaska to have it done. Now republicans in Alaska, McCain and Palin are trying to stop it and/or delay it until after Nov. 4th. Her husband Todd will not go in to answer questions about "troopergate"and it seems as if they are hiding something.
I just heard last night that their stalling will not work and the lawyer in this case is determined to have this case settled by Oct.31. I was so excited to hear this. I mean if you have nothing to hide get it over with. I can't wait to hear the outcome.

Now this last one may be new to you reading this but I had to get it out. Keith Olbermann from MSNBC decided to give $100 to charity for each lie Sarah Palin tells. On Friday night I watched him write a check for $3,700. Now the kicker is the charity he picked. Sarah Palin in order to save money in Alaska cut money in the budget to the Special Olympics. They went from receiving $550 and she cut it in half down to $275. There are many things that are sad about this. They don't give that much money to the Special Olympics anyway so what is an extra $275. And now that she has a special needs child will we see the giving go up into the thousands since she can relate. Thanks to Keith and Sarah Palin's 37 lies the Special Olympics will have some extra money to help put on this awesome event.

So as we continue on to Nov. 4th and the lies continue to fall easily from her mouth
Buy all you want.....She'll make more.

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