Monday, September 29, 2008

Maxx the Morning Dove

Last Sunday we (Trevor, Alivia and I) came home from my parent's house to see a morning dove in the driveway with a broken wing. The kids took care of it by giving it water and bird food and the name Maxx.

As night came Maxx was getting weaker and weaker and not moving around as much. The kids prayed for Maxx that night and said there good-byes to him.

By morning Maxx was gone. So Trevor and Alivia made cross head stone for Maxx out of popsicle sticks and when Darryl came home they buried Maxx and put there crosses by where he was buried in the yard.

They have been rained on but Trevor's says " Here lies the bird we tried to save but failed his name is Maxx"
Alivia's says "God Bless You Maxx"
I will make sure in our will that we have Alivia be in charge of what the headstone says and not Trevor. I can see it now.... Here are my parents dead in the ground.

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