Friday, June 11, 2010

Chapters 11 & 12

Chapter 11 : Cinderella At The Ball
This chapter is dedicated to a Purity Ball. Randy and Lisa Wilson started these balls and they have had great impacts on fathers and daughters. The web site is The Wilsons have been on the Today Show, ABC World News Tonight, Dr. Phil, Good Morning America, The View, The Tonight Show and The Tyra Banks Show. Articles about the Purity Ball have been published in Glamour, O, the Oprah Magazine, USA Today, Denver Post, Rocky Mountain News, New York Times and many others.
The father daughter Purity Ball is a ceremony for fathers to sign commitments to be responsible men of integrity in all areas of purity. The commitment also includes their vow to protect their daughters in their choices for purity.
In this chapter Dobson has an interview with Lisa and Randy about their lives and daughters and to the effects fathers have on their daughters choice to remain pure.

Chapter 12: The Obsession With Beauty
The chapter starts out by talking about little girls wanting to be princesses. And thanks to Walt Disney and movies like Cinderella, Snow White, Ariel, Pocahontas, Sleeping Beauty, etc. girls are taken in with the princess fantasy....but why??
1) Beauty: Every girl wants to be considered physically attractive.
2) Song: Every Disney Princess has a beautiful voice.
3) Beautiful Clothes: Princesses wear lovely gowns in bright colors and little girls love to mimic that attire. That's way they only make Cinderella's gown to sell and not her ripped, old cleaning clothes. Just go to a Disney Park and you can see all the dressed up Princesses.
4)Handsome Suitors: A princess is always pursued by an attractive male prospect, and he is usually a Prince.
5) Rags to riches: They may have different story lines but in the end they all end up in a castle with the man of their dreams and with riches galore. Not in a trailer park on food stamps (my side note).
6)Happily Ever After: This is true for every Disney Princess ,unfortunately not for the rest of us. We have to live in the real world full of sin, temptations, selfishness and we all have problems.
7) Dreams Coming True: A princess expresses her wishes and dreams early in the show and they always seem come true in the end.

The princess movement is good for many young girls/women. With all the other stuff going on in the media, fashion, and with celebrities they may like Disney princesses provide a safe haven for them. The princesses provide a model of purity until marriage, and modesty.
Dr. Dobson goes on to talk about all the backslash from the feminist movement. If you are a true feminist you should read this otherwise their ideas and thoughts are dumb and not worth me repeating :)
Dr. Dobson then moves into our culture and it's obsession with beauty. He wrote a book Building Confidence in Your Child and quotes some information from that. He talks about how body image and being beautiful are all around girls/young women. They see images everywhere which is telling them what they should look like. He also contrast that with the stories of Farrah Fawcett and how she died of cancer in 2009 and how the toll of this cancer had on her outside looks. Also of the story of Anna Nicole Smith who dies of a drug overdose in 2007. Extreme beauty can be a curse to those who are gifted with it and struggle dealing with the attention it gives them.
He ends the chapter with a story that led to the Dove campaign launch of Real Beauty in 2005. Senior Vice President of Dove said " By questioning the accepted definition of beauty, we hope to help women change the way they perceive their bodies and encourage them to feel beautiful every day."

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