Thursday, July 8, 2010

Bringing Up Girls Chapters 13 & 14

Sorry I know it has been awhile but hey I've been busy. So here is some more info. from Dr.Dobson's book Bringing Up Girls. I do recommend that if you have girls you check it out and read it and if you have boys you read Bringing Up Boys.
Chapter 13: Related Questions and Answers
This Chapter is filled with questions and answers. Questions like explaining how girls and women have such a big influence on men, same age co-ed sports, working or staying at home, child care facilities and what to be aware of, sleepovers, sex abuse, defiant child, etc. It was an interesting chapter.

Chapter 14: The River of Culture
Our culture today is like a powerful river that carries everything down stream. We must help protect and teach our children from being swept away by the current into unknown waters.
Some of these teaching of our culture as being "normal" not wrong are, early sexual experience is healthy, men and women are equal, modesty is old fashioned, homosexuality-bisexuality and heterosexuality are considered morally equivalent, romance has faded and men no longer have a reason to court women, shacking up or living in sin is the better way etc.
Dr. Dobson talks about two books that are must reads if you want to understand and protect your girls from those who would subvert their moral character. They are "A Return to Modesty", and "Girls Gone Mild" by Shalit and "Prude" by Liebau.
The rest of the chapter talks about things in this book and how the culture today is having a huge negative impact on our daughters.
Then it goes on about an assemble at a school to talk about Sex, Teens and Drugs. The speaker encourage students to have sex and also to use drugs appropriately. One girl stood up and told the speaker in front of all her peers how that he was wrong in saying these things. This girl was of course teased and bullied. Her parents went to the school administrators and board and they defended the speaker who told students to have sex and use drugs.
My note: As parents you NEED to know what is going on in your school district and what is being taught to your children. The public school system doesn't OWN your child/children you are in charge and therefore should be proactive in the school system. Having them taken out of assemblies or sex education classes that disagree with the Bible and how you have been teaching your children. I'm glad I do homeschool and I think the Lisbon School District may be glad that I homeschool. Beings that now from homeschooling I have learned a lot of the ins and outs of the public government run school system I would be a force that would be on them a lot! My children I call the shots!! Get involved if your kids are in public school and know what they are being taught. It's your job as they parent!
OK Done with my rampage :) Plus I know homeschooling is not for everyone and it is a decision you have to pray about. But if you are sending your children to public school please know what they are being taught.

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