Monday, April 26, 2010

School Days...aahhh to remember when...

I went to my parents house yesterday for a birthday celebration and in the process moved some things to help my mom try to find her resume in the basement. Although we didn't find that I did find a box of school stuff from my younger years and pictures. Today I was able to go through and read some of the things.
Now growing up in CR, Coolidge school was right across the street from us. So I went there for 2nd and 3rd grade. Then CR school district started a thing called Family school. It's a cross between homeschooling and public school. Beings that I was in class with my siblings as were the other students and we all had the same teacher. We worked at our different levels at our own pace yet we went to Johnson elementary and Taylor where they had the Family school program set up. It really was unique and was a good program. We had beanbags which we could sit on and read or do our other work with out having to sit at a desk. There were desk there in case we wanted to sit there. There were different areas in the room so you could do your school work where you felt the most comfortable working. In that regards it is like homeschooling besides going to an actual public school building and doing public school things such as lunch, art, gym etc.
So looking at some of my reports it was interesting to me. In January 1982 ( I was 10 yrs. old) my teacher Paul Otteson gave my parents a semester evaluation....his big problem was that he says that she is too quiet, and underlined too. He said he felt guilty because he has not noticed the work I'm doing. Also that I needed to work on expanding the complexity of my writing and choosing more difficult words. Then at the end of the year he has to say in his final report that I am a good listener and a patient worker.
It was fun looking and reading some of the reports I did at age 10 and I'm guessing 4th grade.

I also wrote some poems and here are a few:
Roses are red and violets are blue, you are sweet and he is to.
When it comes to happiness you are always up there.

I also wrote a report in 1981 about my family here goes:
My mom is nice. She is the nicest mom could ever have. My dad is tall. Sometimes he is nice and sometimes he is mean. Sean he's the same as my dad. My sister she is nice to me in school sometimes. The end

Then I wrote a story about my life:
I was born in Ohio. Out of Kathy and Sean I was born 2 and 2 the best( I think I was suppose to say 2nd and that 2nd was the best). When I was 1 I was a cutie. When I was 2 (I can't read what I was saying). When I was 3 I don't know what I did. When I was 4 I don't know what I did. When I was 5 I was learning how to skate. When I was 6 I blew out all my candles on my birthday cake. I went back to Ohio when I was 6. When I was 7 I went to Adventureland. When I was 8 I went to Adventureland. Now I'am 9 and I'am going to a new school named Tyler! and I like it.

I have one more story to share, I wrote this on Nov. 17th 1981 titled School:
I'am good in math. I'am almost done with the book. I have 4 more units to go. I'am in unit 9 on page 195-196. Last year I didn't like math. But this year I enjoy it. I have passed every level in spelling so far. I'am in level 4 in spelling. At Coolidge I was in level 5 and then level 6 the kids where surprised when I told them. I have to more pages of research to do. I have done a research on dinosaurs and dogs and now I'am doing research on cats. Then a rose flower. I'am doing good in writing. My mom said I was doing good in every thing. I like Family school it's the best school I have ever went to. I have onley got one strike (this is my favorite part and so true!!!) that was when Kathy (my sister) was hiting me with the eraser. The End!

I will try to take pictures of my school pics. I wish I had a scanner for things like this but I will try and post later. It was fun looking down memory lane a bit.

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