Friday, January 22, 2010

School....give me a break

As I spend time preparing my taxes for this year, I come to state information. Since we use Turbo Tax I'm able to play around and see if I lived somewhere else in Iowa how much more or less would I get back. Also if I lived in a different school district how much more or less would I get back.

I think most of us in Linn County know that we have incredible high taxes and it is true Linn County is up there in the top 10 of highest property taxes in the state. And unfortunately for those of you who live in Linn County and in the Lisbon School District you get double whammed. Lisbon School District taxes each house that lives in the school district as much as they can. It is even higher then those who live in the Mount Vernon School District. On our taxes I would receive back $42 more dollars from the state if I lived in the Mount Vernon School District and since my children are in the Marion School District I wanted to see what the difference would be if we lived in there school district. I would get back $56 more dollars from state if I lived in the Marion School District.
I wish the law was set up so that where you send you kids is the district that would get your tax dollars and for those who don't have kids in school why should they have to pay anything to a school that they don't even use! But government is greedy and it looks like Lisbon School District is greedy as well.
There is nothing I can do to change it and I hate giving money to a system I don't use but I bet a lot of people feel that way. And not just about schools but other government run agencies that our tax dollars go to but we never use.
But the one thing I can do is vent it out and that's what I just did!!!

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