Friday, April 30, 2010

Crazy 93 yr. old lady

Maybe I have talked about her before maybe not but today I will.
Labreta...she is a crazy old lady who is VERY anal!!!! I mean anal beyond anal!!! I have told Darryl and the kids if I get to be like her give me medication so when I'm sleeping my heart will stop and I will go to meet my Creator 'cause no one should be that anal.
Ok that said, she hired a lady to come help her clean. So I go over the other day to take her, her mail and newspaper as I do everyday. So she tells me that when they were getting some old cloths for cleaning that she found a baby pillow in the cupboard that has the cleaning cloths. I asked her if it was maybe left by a lady Judy who use to live with her before she died and she said no. She truly does believe that someone broke into her house and put the pillow in the cupboard in the laundry room. I try to explain to her that if someone is going to break in they are not going to drop off a embroidered baby pillow and hide it in her cupboard. If they broke in the would take stuff out ( like money since she leaves it out on the couch or in a bedroom) of they would take other things but criminals don't bring things INTO the house. Well I was not successful at logic.
We went down to the laundry room and she showed me the cupboard in which the baby pillow was in. I want to see it so I touch the cupboard to open it. She says strongly, don't touch the door and open it. I ask why. She replies fingerprints. Plus she thinks that there might be a dead baby in the cupboard.
OH MY GOSH!!!! I said Labreta if there is a dead baby in there it would be rotting and you would smell the body. Plus I'm thinking in my head don't you want to call the police if there would be a dead baby in your house...duh!!! But no, I left and thought, I know Mt.Vernon police already have to have her name on file as being crazy and I can only imagine if she did call them about the baby pillow that came from no where and also about the dead baby.
She is whacked out of her mind but thinks that she is sane. So all Darryl and I can do is listen, tell her truth which she never listens too and shake our heads and go home. There is no use arguing with her we have learned that over the years. By golly she is right and she is ALWAYS right!!
Am glad that she never reproduce, I'm sure her children would be alcoholics or drug addicts just by having to deal with her. Either that or they would lock her away which is what I'm thinking she needs.
So before you go to help the elderly prepare yourself to deal with irrational, crazy people who do need help, but don't get sucked in to their anal world.
She has lived a long time and has a lot of stories she can share about the Depression era, wars, and other things. Darryl and I don't mind helping her because she needs it but she is able to frustrate both of us. So here is one frustration I had with her and now I have it off my chest and can move on and go make supper :)

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