Friday, May 29, 2009

NYC Funny stories and things seen

Since I already did a basic NYC vacation blog in this one I'm going to include funny tales.....or at least funny to the four of us that went.
When we set a date to stay in NYC we needed to look for a place to stay. We had always stayed at a hotel that basically had two beds and a bath and no room to move around in for $200 a night. This time we decided to look on craigslist and VRBO web sites to try and find an apartment to stay at where we would have more room and at least a mini fridge to hold some breakfast items. Sherry Sullivan found a place in SoHo so it was south of Times Square. But that was OK because the price was right and we spend most of our time in southern NYC anyway. I think it was about 3 weeks before we had to leave the owner of the apt. e-mailed her to let her know there was a fire in the building and the place we were going to stay in had smoke and water damage and he didn't know if he would have it ready in 3 weeks. So we started looking again. This time it was harder because the cheaper places were gone and we were all on a limited budget. Well I was able to find a place off Times Square and was able to negotiate the owner down to an OK price. We had never met this man, I just knew his name was Eran and his accent sounded like he was from the middle east. So not knowing anything about him and paying all up front via paypal we hoped for the best. We arrive and Eran is there to greet us, and he was a very nice Jewish man around my age (mid 30's). I didn't ask and his ad didn't say what floor the apt. was on. And yes you guessed it it was on top the third floor. But hey it was only 39 steps up each time......and 39 steps down :( He did help carry luggage all the way up and we laughed at the climb we were going to have to make every day. I believe Sherry S. took a picture of it to use as black mail on me since I found the apartment.

So between the 39 steps straight up each way and walking about 10 miles a day in NYC and climbing I don't know how many subway steps up and butt and calves should be made of steel by now as well as all the other girls. I'm in shape running 2-3 miles a day but I have to say next time we go I need to work the muscles you use when climbing steps. There were times I was so tired when we came back that I had to pause during my 39 step climb. One thing about NYC the only obese people I saw were visitors . Otherwise because of all the walking people are in great shape there.

On Sunday we did our department store shopping. We happened to find a Burlington Coat Factory which we didn't know that they had, but I love that store and make Sherry S. take me to it when I visit her in Des Moines, since it's the only one in Iowa. So I found some clothes to try on and go to the dressing room......standing outside the dressing room talking to someone was a French Lady. Now you ask how do you know she was French. One the language she was speaking and secondly she had her arm up and was wearing a shirt that only went to her shoulder. That's right ladies.......full armpit full of black hair. It was the first time I have ever seen that and I hope the last. I think I'm still having nightmares about it strangling me. It was one of the grosses things I've seen in a long time. And I was in NYC where lots of gross stuff happens.

Another day when we were out and about we had the go light to cross and out of the corner of my eye I see a guy in weird clothes on a bike that has a flashing light. It's the middle of the day so there was no real need for a flashing light but considering what he looked like fine and I crossed and ignored him. Sheri Jones and her niece Tara were behind me and said did you see who that was on the bike with the strange outfit. I said no I didn't look because I thought he was just one of the many strange people in NYC. While neither one of them could think of his name but said he had been in some movies and he had almost ran into them on his bike. So after two days they came up with his name Matthew Modine. Sherry S. pulled up his pic on her iPhone and still a no with me. Even if he had almost hit me I wouldn't have known him, since he is a minor celebrity, beings that they didn't know his name.

We always go and see a Broadway show and this time we went to see Mary Poppins. It was very good. I would recommend seeing it in Chicago or if it comes around here. The set of it was as impressive as the performance. I don't know who did it....but bravo....come to my house and do it up. It truly was awesome.

I'm trying to think of any other funny or unique stories but am drawing a blank right now. As of now we are planning a trip back to NYC in October 2010. It's a little earlier then normal, we usually have at least two years in between but with Sheri J. having Mac graduate we need to make it earlier. Eran told us his apartment on the FIRST floor sleeps 8 so if you are interested in seeing NYC with Sherry S., Sheri J. her cousin Tara and myself, start planning and saving. You will need about $500 for air and room (maybe less depending on flight prices) and about $150 - $200 per day to spend depending on if you are looking for clothes for yourself or just shopping for others. We do go down to the wholesale jewelry district. This is where Ann Silva gets most of her jewelry for the Silver Spider at a great price. We also buy designer purses at a discounted rate. Plus sight seeing and a Broadway show at a discounted price of $50 - $70.
NYC is expensive but it is an amazing place that I love to go. So think about it....Oct. 2010!!

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