Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Interesting vacation......weird events/people

Since it has been a month since my last post I guess I better get with it and put something up from our vacation. Now I already posted a photo album of different stuff, but I will use this blog to tell some interesting stories.
We went to Sea World twice on Monday and Wed. On Monday when we were leaving to catch our trolley back to the hotel, I see a lot of black smoke. As we get out of the park and closer to our pick up spot there is this city bus with the back on fire!!! The fire dept. was on there way but here is a pic that Darryl took.

So on Wed. we go back to Sea World and I don't have a pic of this, but first let me tell you that there are a lot of people from Europe that go to Orlando for vacations. And let's just say they are a little more daring with their clothes then us here in the USA. So it is getting later in the day and the kids and us are moving on to the next place to see. Darryl and I notice in front of us walking is a man somewhat dressed up and his wife/girlfriend. She too is dressed up in 3 inch heels and I white dress. The only problem is, is that the dress is um, see through. She was wearing a white bra and then your eyes moved down a little more. We could see a white line across the lower part of her back and then just a very small upside down triangle and then it disappeared into her......yes you are right. She was wearing a thong!!! Now, for her this was not a good look, had she been more of the size 0,2,4 or even 6 yes maybe but at a size 12,14 not so much. Luckily the kids didn't notice but it was a funny sight for Darryl and I.

Now let's move onto Disney's island. They had crab races. We were able to be the last team to get signed up and therefore the last crab which was #8 whom Trevor called Snapper. They did 4 heat races and then the top 4 would race again for the final race. Finally in the third heat Snapper won. We moved on to the final race.....this was for everything....a picture and a button :) It started out with #2 crab heading for the finish line and Snapper was still in his shell. But we cheered and told him to get out and off his butt and to get into the race. He listened to us. The #2 crab was far ahead and we had no hope but we just kept cheering and yelling at him to go. He started going faster and faster and catching up to the #2 crab and then he passed #2 on the left and the were so close. Then Snapper got that extra boost of if I finish will you people please leave me alone and let me be a crab and do what crabs do....and he WON!!! So here is our proud pic with Snapper the winner of the crab race on Castaway Cay.

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Meghan Humes said...

Love the thong story....Glad everyone had a great time!