Saturday, April 4, 2009

The last Easter egg hunt

This morning was the Lisbon/Mt. Vernon Optimist Easter Egg Hunt in Lisbon. We have been doing this since Trevor was 3 I believe. Every year you take down to Gwen's 3 eggs with your child's name and grade/age on them. The Optimist Club picks them up in the morning and spends time hiding everyone's eggs plus a Golden Egg.

The goal is to find your 3 eggs first, second or third and tell the club member who is in charge of your age group. But also hidden throught out the park in a much harder spot is the grand prize of a golden egg.

This is Alivia's last year of doing the egg hunt as it only goes up to 4th grade. Although being that she's homeschooled and we so enjoy the egg hunt I thought about saying we held her back a year just so she could do it next year, and they would have to take my word for it since I'm the teacher:)

It was cooler this morning and attendance was on the low side. But they gave out the object of the game and sent the kids on there way. Alivia was busy running around trying to find her eggs and did find the first two pretty fast. She was having a harder time with the last one but in the meantime of looking for her last egg found the Golden Egg.

Now every year it has been that you had to find your three eggs first before you could look for the Golden Egg but this year they didn't say that. So before she picked it up Darryl went and asked the club member and he said, you could find the Golden Egg before you found your own three eggs. So Alivia grabbed it and ran off to tell the club member and give him her name.

So a BIG Congrats to my baby girl on a great job of finding the Golden Egg on her last time of doing the Lisbon Easter Egg Hunt.

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Dawn said...

is there a golden egg prize?