Friday, January 23, 2009

Skiing in Illinois

Yesterday as a family we went to Chestnut Mountain in Illinois for a skiing field trip. Darryl use to ski before him and I were dating and we went one time to Chestnut while dating where he tried to teach me how to ski. That didn't go over well. I was trying to do it and his patience is little. Trevor found out the same thing yesterday before ski class as Darryl was trying to help him on the faster hill. But Trevor just liked going fast and to slow down he would wipe out. It made me nervous but God kept him safe during his wipe outs, and Trevor was happy doing it his way.

Both kids picked it up well before our lesson as did I. We all had the rookie hill mastered. So we moved on to the next hill which went down at three different spots and curved twice. The first time I went down I wiped out 3 time because I was going to fast for my comfort and my snow plowing was not slowing me down enough. So instead of dying I wiped out. But then came my hubby to help we up which seemed impossible to maneuver my skis and lift my self up. I was laughing so hard Darryl had to do most of the work in getting me up the first time. But then him and the kids finished the hill and waited for me as I wiped out two more times and had to release one of my skis in order to get up.

After our lesson we had lunch and went back to it. Alivia stayed on the rookie hill that she had mastered. Trevor went back and forth between the rookie hill and the next level as did I, and Darryl went down all the hills by himself and luckily didn't get hurt. He was the only one who had ski-er form. The rest of us stuck with the wedge or putting our skis in the shape of a V.

I though for sure my butt and legs would be super sore but they aren't today and the kids and Darryl seem to be fine as well.

It was a great family outing and a very cheap price, and we all had a great time.

Keri thanks for letting me borrow your jacket :)

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Randy said...

Thanks for making a girl laugh! I am glad everyone had a great time!