Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Under Construction

We are still living in two rooms here at the Studt house. Darryl was able to get all the plaster taken out a very messy, dirty job and then update the electrical. Put in a lot of can lights and more light switches, and hang drywall. It's taken a bit but he's doing great and doing it all by himself after working 10 hour days at work.

He is not a master drywaller so we got a couple of bids for guys who do this for a living to come in a mud/tape/sand and put a light texture on the walls. We were thinks about 16-20hrs at about $30.00 and hour plus about $100 for materials. OK we have money that we saved from his bonus check in September to do this raising the ceiling project so we can hire someone for this part of the job.

The first bid we get is $1,120. The second bid is $1,889. We still haven't got in the mail the bid from the other guy. So on Saturday Darryl just started it himself. His friend Jim Jones came over for a few hours on Sunday to help which was great. He plans to be done by Saturday so I can start painting to get the house back together before Thanksgiving here.

During this raising of the ceiling I wanted to rip out the blue carpet and expose the wood floors crafted by Americans many many years ago. Darryl was not to sure wood was under the whole area. Well he had to take out a frames in area which was attached to the floor and low and behold I have real wood floors underneath. Now my next job to to talk with his friend George who installs wood flooring and have him help me convince Darryl to expose the wood and he will bring over the commercial sander and fix them up for us. Not sure if this can happen before Thanksgiving but I would love it.

Here are some pics of where we are at now.


meghanhumes said...

It's looking good guys! Cannot wait to see it in 5 weeks!

Anonymous said...

Yay, I am so happy you have wood floors!!
I have to get over there and look at all you've done! Awesome!