Friday, November 7, 2008

What have I been doing.......

It's been a while I see since I put anything on my blog. Darryl is gone this weekend in Oklahoma
(I always want to sing when I say that states name) to a gun show. He goes every year and this year he thinks he needs to stock up before the awesome new President takes over this country in January.
I have been very busy painting and getting my living room back in order. After Darryl gets back (since he took the camera) I will post the completed living room. I just finished painting trim last night since since we were able to get our free granite countertop installed this week. Now I think I'm done with painting...yyyyeeeaaaahhhh!
I've also been busy on Facebook posting and commenting on political things that really tick people off. Freedom of speech and freedom to vote how I want are two things I love about my country. Things did get heated sometimes with my christian friends but we would all take a breather and return. Most of them the big issue was abortion which has been legal in our country since 1973. During which from then until 2008 republicans have been in the White House all but the 8 years that Clinton was in. For me abortion isn't something I vote on. For that I hold to God being able to stop it if and when He chooses. There are a lot of sins that go on inside and outside the Christian faith because we are all sinners and continue to sin. So voting on just one of those sins murder doesn't seem logical to me. What about don't lie... I think every time Palin talked she lied about something and McCain had his and so did Obama so maybe as a Christian you shouldn't vote for anyone because they all lie. Palin abused her power as gov. another sin. Mccain is a little over weight and maybe a glutton another sin.
OK sorry I'm going on and on my point is sin is sin we may put degrees on it but God just sees it as SIN.
I have one more problem with Christians and teaching their children about the issue of abortion. I continue to hear from my children that their friends say Obama kills children. This is from more then one friend from different families. Obama doesn't kill children if he did he would be in jail. Or then you better say Reagen, Bush Sr. and Bush Jr kill children because abortion has been legal under all their administrations. They don't kill children so teach the truth!!! In our country our supreme court voted to allow women to kill their unborn child if they decided they didn't want to have a baby. So these women are the ones who sin and actually go in and terminate their pregnancy. So as Christians we need to pray for our court justices and for someone to come along side these women and help them during this scary time of an unplanned pregnancy and give them other options. Instead of teaching them wrong things teach them ways they can pray for our country and women in our country and maybe spend some time volunteering at a place like Aid to Women of donating money to them so they can help women in crisis. If that is your passion then do something about it and serve God in that way.

So did I answer the question of what I've been doing????
Today at noon I'm going to get my hair colored and cut. I have a friend visiting and coming over about 4pm when we will go to Coral ridge Mall and eat and let the kids ice skate. I have her daughter over here all day playing with....Trevor. Yes Trevor they are both gamers. Alivia will be going over to my mother-in-laws before my hair appt. to play with her cousins visiting from Chicago. So today I have a full day and the kids have a full day of fun and no school!
Hope you all have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

Wow, girl! I am glad I missed all of the drama. I couldn't agree with you more about (most) of what you said.
I try to keep my faith (although it is pretty liberal) out of the voting booth.

I can't wait to see your photos! I was in town on Thursday for quite a while, I should have stopped by!!

meghanhumes said...

About time you updated! I cannot wait to see pictures of Hotel Studt!