Saturday, October 4, 2008

Anamosa Pumpkin Fest

Darryl and i headed out this morning at 7:00am to go up to Anamosa for the 5K run. I'm staying consistent doing it in the same time as Lisbon's. After we got home I showered and took the kids back up so they could see the enormous pumpkins and watermelons. We headed over to the pumpkin carving building and were able to see 30 different carved pumpkins. I'm hoping to try a unique carving on my white pumpkin this year but these people did excellent. Keri you should try this. Trevor voted for Charlie Brown as his favorite pumpkin and Alivia and I voted for Jesus as our favorite. It was a nice day for it. And we had a great time.

After we got home from Anamosa we had lunch and then left for Alivia's soccer game. Alivia scored her first goal of this season!!! We are so proud of her!!

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