Saturday, April 26, 2008

Spring Planting

I was so excited on Monday, Tuesday and Wed. at the spring weather that I went out and bought some annuals. I got lots of yellow plants and some white. I also found these crazy spiral green plants at a local greenhouse. She said they are a perennial but aren't zoned for this area. I will try to keep them in the basement and see if they will grow back next year cause they are a crazy cool looking plant.
Now today it was cooler and it may get cold tonight my husband said they were talking SNOW.
So I went out and covered all my newly planted annuals and I pray them make it!
I'm so ready for nice weather and flowers to be in bloom and to be able to wear skirts and shorts.
Let's hope it comes soon.

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Miranda said...

Are you talking about the whirly twirly that i have in my pots every year? If so, those are awesome! I am so excited to plant my containers this year. How are your tulips?