Saturday, April 26, 2008

My 36th Birhtday

It was my 36th Birthday on Thursday April 24th. I celebrated by getting my hair colored and cut. It was a rainy day all day which was sad but all in all a good day.
My kids brought me breakfast in bed. Alivia had me call our home phone from my cell phone to let them know I was up. Then Trevor brought me up a huge bowl of Fruity Pebbles which I only ate half of it beings I don't eat breakfast. I know it's the most important meal of the day let it go! Anyway and Alivia brought me up a glass of OJ. For my gift Alivia bought me with her own money Hershey's Kisses with almonds and her and Trevor made me a card. Trevor being a typical guy put no thought into it but made it for me at the last minute. He's a lot like his dad and guys in general :(
I got an awesome purse from my mom and dad, a gift card to Sephora from my friend Sherry, a pot with pansies in them from my friend Sheri, money from my brother which I used at the Bon Jovi concert, a gift card to Starbucks from Vanessa, a photo album from Dodie, a necklace and table covering from my mother-in-law, I also got birthday cards and calls and emails that day.

We are leaving for Burlington to stay at Fun City with the kids for a night this weekend.
That's where we got the picture for our Christmas cards from 2007 is at the waterpark in Burlington. I plan to take pics and I will post them for all to see.

Happy Birthday to ME!!!


Miranda said...

Wow, you totally made out like a bandit on your b-day! Of coarse, your lovely friend Miranda FORGOT your birthday in the midst of her craziness. But she will make it up to you. I am glad you had a super b-day!

meghanhumes said...

Happy Belated Birthday! It sounds like you had a great day.