Monday, January 10, 2011

Did not see this coming

When I first got pregnant in 1995, Darryl and I had decided that I would quit my job and stay home. I myself could never imagine sending my infant to a babysitters or daycare for 8 or more hours a day. I wanted to nurse them and do what I felt God calling me to do which was stay home full time. I figured when the kids were in school full-time I would go back to work part-time so I could be home when they were done with school and help out at school. In 1998 along came Alivia whom we had planned and so I had at least 5 more years at home. We learned to work on a budget and cut back on things we didn't need. Nothing could replace that precious time I had with the kids to teach them before they were off to school. We prayed for 2 years about any more kids since I wanted another. Darryl because of being 10 years older then me was satisfied with the two we had and didn't want to be old by the time the last was 18 and graduating. So I asked God to either give me a content heart or to change Darryl's mind. Well he changed me and we stopped at two.

When Trevor was 3 he started preschool in Mt.Vernon and on his road to learning in school. Then came 4 year old preschool and he too was enrolled in Mt.Vernon for that and that was when God started to peak my interest in homeschooling. At the time no one I knew homeschooled although some from our church had but now their kids were in high school at the public school. I brought the idea up to Darryl and his first response was NO! He too didn't know of anyone who homeschooled and I guess because living in Lisbon and the weird "you gotta send your kids to Lisbon" mind set in this town he was against the idea. I told him to pray about it first before he said no. A few months later I checked in with him and he said no he had not prayed about it, but would. Well the end of 4 year old preschool was coming and since Trevor has a May birthday I was going to do AK with him anyhow to give him the extra advantage of being one of the older ones in his class and not having to struggle as much.

The more I prayed and did research on homeschooling the more I felt God calling me to do this for our kids. I talked with Darryl again and told him I can't mess up AK because I know my ABC, shapes, colors, numbers etc. He agreed and we would take one year at a time. I knew this first year had to be good and Darryl had to see that this was the best education our child could receive. Well, he did and we have been homeschooling ever since. We continue to take one year at a time and talk to the kids about what they want and if they want to try public school or not. I believe Trevor will graduate as being a homeschooler through the Marion Home School Assistance Program and with Alivia it is still up in the air.

When I was pregnant with Trevor I would have NEVER thought that I would be spending everyday, all day with my children by homeschooling. But it was not my plan but God's and He of course knew this is what we would do and this time changed Darryl's heart to accept that this was the best education for his kids and if people in this town don't understand who cares.

I'm sure a lot of people thought we were crazy and talked about us but I would rather have them do that then to go against God's calling. Then after we took the big leap of faith others watching us decided too as well. Now there are many homeschoolers in the Lisbon/Mt.Vernon area and the kids are able to get together and hang out.

These were the choices we made for our family with God's guidance. He doesn't give everyone or every Christian the same path but He will guide you on your path that He wants you to go. I didn't see this coming 14 years ago when I held that baby boy in my arms but I'm so happy for the path that we are on.

Today is a good day for you to seek God and see if you are on His path or your path. He with pray will make the answer very clear. The hard part for you maybe following the path He wants you to take. But it is SO worth it in the end.

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